“We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Carrie. Thirteen months after our daughter’s birth we still think and talk often about Carrie and the love and care with which she helped to welcome our baby into the world. We are eternally grateful to her and to Birth Partners for the beautiful birth experience you made possible for all three of us – mom, dad and baby!” PageLines- button1.jpg Megan and Anthony

PageLines- button1.jpg

“We are once again so thankful for Birth Partners! Thank you for providing us with highly trained, professional doulas. Cashmiere was truly amazing and we give her the highest recommendation! This birth was incredible. Hard? Sure. But amazing all the same. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!
Thank you!” Rebekah 9/23/15

“As you might know, a day after my deposit to you – my water broke ( crazy circumstances) and the work with Hallie started right away. Long story short we ended up having our first meeting at the hospital, a day before my induction. From the first moment of connection she was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, warm, and caring. …Through the pre delivery process and the labor itself her presence was essential and made the whole experience more powerful – I couldn’t do it without her encouragement and support!!!!! By any means working with doula was the best decision and gift i could give myself, both my husband and my mother in law that were present during the labor were so impressed by Hallie’s work and the whole process.
I wanted to thank you , the group and wonderful Hallie, once again for making this experience so personal and special , I have no doubt she will continue to be an asset as a doula. I will be looking forward to work with you once again in the future”. E.K. 9/8/15

“Hi Janet, Nineteen years ago, you were my doula when I gave birth to my daughter. I was thinking of you tonight, as I have on many, many occasions over the years. One of my cousins just learned she was pregnant, and when I saw her earlier tonight at a family get-together we were talking about pregnancy and childbirth and doctors and hospitals and midwives…and I related to her the story of Amy’s birth, and how I came to know you. When I did track down your information it brought back some more complete memories, and that’s why I wanted to write. Even though I knew you for a short amount of time, the impact of that time was incredibly profound and meaningful, and I will never forget you. I am so very happy that you’ve continued to do the work that you do. I am grateful for the experience you enabled for me, and I hope to be able to pass that wisdom onto my own daughters when (God willing) they become moms themselves”. Lori August, 2015

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“I just want to thank you for the dream you had 24 years ago, and making that dream a reality! Becoming a doula takes a very special person, and I believe Birth Partners finds the very best women to fill the role! Thank you so much again!” Alyssa 1/15

“I wanted to share my gratitude and thanks but wasn’t sure where to post it! I had my son May 23rd and Lindsay Lozito was my doula. She was perfect. Here’s a bit of my story – please feel free to share it.

I am a physician. This was my 3rd pregnancy. And I’m asking myself – why didn’t I have a doula with my other two children? I know the facts – having a doula with you during labor is the ONLY measure that has been found to reduce c/section rate. And now I understand why. It’s all about feeling safe and having a space to labor and deliver your child. This labor was entirely different than my other two – and just hearing the words “I’ll be right downstairs if you need me”, “You’re safe”, “Your body knows what to do – trust it” made all the difference with my labor. And when my pain was almost too much to handle – she touched my shoulders and back – reminding my body/mind to relax and give way for my son to come. There is no price for that work. And I will always be grateful”. Erica 6/17/15

“Women like me can hardly fight back tears when thinking of how grateful they are to have entrusted you with such an important event in their lives. While some wonder why you require so much [of your doulas]…the ones that have experienced the most amazing way to bring their creation into the world don’t even bother to wonder…we just nod and hope you and your ideals live forever.” Eileen 1/12

“I was already impressed and comforted by the time [my doula and I] spent together prenatally, but was blown away by the level of support, caring, knowledge, and endurance she showed during my long, and less than ideal labor and birth. I don’t even want to consider how drastically different, and more traumatic, our experience would have been without her. I can understand why it is so difficult to find doula candidates that meet the high standards that Birth Partners maintains, people like Amy don’t come along every day!” Kim S 1/12

“Without [Birth Partners], our experience would have been completely different. We are certain that M____ would be recovering from a c section right now. Instead, she has rated her pain as a 0 this morning and our daughter is resting peacefully on her belly. “We’re committed to sharing our experience with as many women as possible so they know that they have a choice. We had absolutely no idea just how important our birth experience would be until after we had it.” M and C 1/2012 PageLines- button1.jpg

“…Your deep wisdom (bordering on clairvoyance), unassuming style, and ability to teach through stories are truly a gift. I was so mesmerized by your stories, I sometimes didn’t even realize I was learning. I feel fortunate that you have chosen to share it with and empower so many women in CT and beyond.”  AS – regarding group childbirth education class  October, 2011

“I will certainly be recommending your classes to anyone I can — I may stop pregnant women on the street to tell them!”  Alycia  11/11

“Having a doula isn’t just about the day of the birth. I was glad we went with the comprehensive services. Deby went beyond the call of duty before and after Katy’s birth.”  Kristin and Mike  10/2011

“I really can’t thank you or praise you enough for the work that you do.  It’s very inspiring and I’m more than grateful to you and the services that you provide.”
TS, Oct., 2010

“I also want to pass along a huge personal thank you to you. Taking your childbirth education course was far and away the most important thing we did to prepare for the birth (and that’s coming from someone who did a -lot- of reading and video watching!) ”  Lea, April, 2010

“I just wanted to send you a quick email (as I have a sleeping baby on me 🙂 to let you know again how wonderful Carrie was during my labor and delivery!  It was certainly not easy or short and she was so encouraging and helpful throughout all 30 hours (and the couple of hours afterward).  I truly do not know how I would have done it without her!  This profession is absolutely perfect for her!  I could go on forever letting you know how wonderful she was but words just can’t even explain. ”
HP  June 2009

Thank you for training your doulas to be the best!  Christa (11/08)

“(There were so many things) I would have never thought to consider without having it brought to my attention.  It still blows my mind.  I feel very empowered about giving birth and about being able to make decisions that suit my needs.  With your class and my (Birth Partners) birth doula, I think I have as about a perfect birthing team as possible”
WS  Sept., 2010

“Thank you for all that Birth Partners did for my family!  You are a phenomenal group and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone!”    Heather P., 6/30/09

Pregnancy and labor can be a fearful time with many unknowns, but I feel so ready, so prepared, so supported, & so excited (NOT fearful) all due to the fact that I know I will have a rock beside me, a support, & a coach for whatever lies ahead.

“I could not even imagine going through this experience without the support I have received from Birth Partners.  I am so grateful for your honesty, insight, education, and availability.   CD (11/08)

“I also want to pass along a huge personal thank you to you. Taking your childbirth education course was far and away the most important thing we did to prepare for the birth (and that’s coming from someone who did a -lot- of reading and video watching!) ”
Lea, April, 2010

Thank you again! I will definitely be in touch when our family grows again!    K and M  (10/08)

I’m convinced that every woman deserves to give herself the gift of Birth Partners!   Katie (October 2008)

I do not want to leave out how positive my husband felt about the whole experience also. He felt more a part of this birth than he even imagined.  I felt so comfortable during the contractions and I know Mike felt so proud to be able to help me!
KC (10/08)

We really can’t thank you enough for all your kind and generous support through this pregnancy and L____’s birth.  Your presence and expertise, listening and advice helped me transform from being anxious and defensive about it all to feeling calm and ready.  I really think things would have gone differently without your help.  L___’s birth was the best experience of our lives and we will never forget the part you played in it!  We’ll always be grateful.
BY  (to her doula), ( New Haven  10/08)

Thank you so much for sending two amazing angels my way!! Words cannot explain how comforting and supportive Deby was during my labor and birth last Saturday. When she walked into the triage room tears came to my eyes. Moments before she arrived I was saying to my husband, “this is getting really hard” and I knew fear was trying to creep into my mind. When I saw Deby, I knew she would help me find my inner strength and she did.
KC (October 2008)

“When B____ and I began this birth journey, we didn’t even know who a doula was.  Now, we realize it is someone who is a wise woman, confidant, faithful friend and someone who will be there with support, grace and love.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ” -James Y., New Haven  (10/6/08)

Tears fill my eyes as I type this email. Please know how truly grateful I am for you providing mothers-to-be with Birth Partners. I highly respect your philosophy and methods behind your trainings. I will recommend Birth Partners to all of my friends in the future.  We look forward to having a 3rd child in the future and you will be one of the first to find out about the pregnancy because without a doubt we will want a doula, hopefully Deby, to be present again.     Katie C.  (10/11/08)

“I have to tell you that Nedra was absolutely amazing.  She was so tuned in and helped me trust in my own strength to get through the most challenging parts.  I’m very grateful.”    JG  (4/16/08)

I just wanted to say thank you for pairing me with Sarah! She proved to be a great asset during my natural childbirth experience at St. Vincent’s. Sarah made good suggestions for laboring positions and knew just what to massage and what pressure point to touch at just the right time. I wouldn’t have been able to verbalize that to my husband effectively. She maintained a calm demeanor which helped me relax. I was more than satisfied with the care she provided. Thank you for making a great match!    GR  2/16/08

Susan was absolutely a perfect fit for me and my family.  I feel with Susan and Birth Partners, I received exactly what I was looking for- the tools and confidence I needed in raising twin girls.  The experience was wonderful, THANK YOU!”

“Thank you for all that Birth Partners did for my family!  You are a phenomenal group and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone!”
Heather P – (6/30/09)

I’m so glad we decided to take the private class with you; it was such a miracle in disguise.  I can’t thank you enough!  (The information in the class) saved us from a possible traumatic birthing experience, which of all things is what I wanted to avoid.”   Gretchen, 4/11

“Bob and I both wanted to thank you for holding such a wonderful birth class at our home last week.  We both really enjoyed meeting you in person, sharing the story of our first birth, and really focusing on things we could do this time around to make the next birth a different and more positive experience.  Right after you left, Bob commented that your class was “so much better than the class we took at the hospital!”  I appreciated how relaxed it was to have the discussion in our own living room but at the same time I was glad you focused specifically on what Bob and I wanted and needed.  It was informative, thought-provoking, and very thorough. Thank you!”    JM  August, 2010

“Every woman should experience what you have to offer because they are missing out otherwise.  You changed our lives and it’s an amazing feeling. Because of your help we are empowered and knowledgeable parents-to-be.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  Tabitha  10/10

“Thank you again for matching us with our doula.  We can’t say enough about how fantastic she was for us.  She worked with us for almost the entire pregnancy and answered every single question and concern professionally and respectfully, even if they were ridiculous. ”
 Becky  Sept. 2010

“Our Birth Partners doula was a wealth of knowledge about anything to do with pregnancy and the birthing experience as well as what happens when the baby is actually here!  We were constantly surprised by how resourceful she was. We could never stump her with questions!  During my labor, she was undeniably the best decision I made.  She added a level of comfort and calm to the whole room.  Her touch and words were exactly what I needed to get through any difficult moments. ”  B & B 9/10