Pregnancy and Birth Doula Services include:

During Pregnancy:
Expert matching of client and doula, personalizing the service to your specific needs
On call, and available to you, 24 hours a day, from the time you contract with us
In-home doula visits (average of three, two-hour visits)
Emotional support
Benefit of Birth Partners’ reputation and experience
Identification of comfort measures and roles
Information, including assistance writing birth plan (if desired)
Benefit of Birth Partners’ reputation, resources, and experience
Closure to prior birth experiences

During Labor and Birth:
Continuous emotional and physical support at home, continuing at your birth place
Assessment of progress of labor at home
Suggestions for timing your arrival at your birth place
Explanation of options & practical suggestions to partner
Massage technique, relaxation, and comfort measures
In-hospital support for induction, cesarean, or complications
Average one and a half hour stay following birth, including breastfeeding assistance (if applicable)

During the Postpartum Period:
Phone contact as needed
Resources and information
Reinforcement of accomplishments in labor, birth, and parenting
In-home doula visit – a time to reconnect and celebrate your new family! (optional)
The support of a professional doula also improves breastfeeding outcomes and decreases postpartum depression.

We also offer:

Comprehensive Childbirth Education Programs:
We believe our program is the best offered anywhere! Our comprehensive courses embrace our philosophy
that with knowledge and support, couples can make the best and safest choices for themselves and their families. We bring years of actual birth experience to each class, offering couples a unique and honest perspective.

We offer group classes as well as in-home, condensed, VBAC and refresher classes. Held in the comfort
of your own home, on a time schedule that works for your family, our private classes are geared toward your specific needs. Please contact us for more information or to register.

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Class:
Group or private, in-home classes are available
Review of benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother
Getting breastfeeding off to a good start
Reading baby’s feeding cues
Techniques to keep baby calm and nursing well
Positioning for optimal feeding and a pain free latch
How to tell if baby is getting enough milk
Preventing and reducing breast engorgement
Demonstration of manual and electric breast pumps
Techniques for successful pumping, storage and use of pumped breast milk
Normal sleep patterns and safety; guidelines for safer infant sleep
Typical newborn feeding & elimination routines/ patterns
Discussion of vaccines, circumcision and parenting choices

Postpartum Breastfeeding Counseling:

All doulas serving Birth Partners’ clients are trained to help new mothers breastfeed, however when
more specific help is needed, or if difficulties arise, Breastfeeding Counseling is a welcome addition
to our services.
Breastfeeding evaluation in client’s own home
Individualized breastfeeding support, education, & resources
Guidance in avoiding or overcoming common breastfeeding challenges
Referrals when appropriate

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Gift Services:

Birth Partners services make the perfect gift for any new or expectant family!

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