Happy 21 year anniversary to Birth Partners! It’s been 21 years since Janet heard her calling and attended her first birth.

Thank you to all the moms, partners, and babies we have had the honor of serving over the past 21 years and those we will continue to serve during this special time in their lives.   

and thank you to the doulas who have honored and supported our clients’ journeys over the past 21 years and done it with the highest level of professionalism, skill, and caring.


On October 9, 2011, Birth Partners President, Janet Hall, received the Midwifery Community Award from the Connecticut Chapter of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, recognizing her “for the facilitation of midwives in caring for women in the midwifery model of care through education and support of childbearing families and the promotion of midwifery in our community”. She was honored at a luncheon celebration, as part of the ACNM Nurse-Midwifery Week Celebration and Symposium in New Haven.


Birth Partners Doulas Guide
Through Pregnancy, Birth 

by Julie Curtis

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As an effort to provide maternity patients with a unique birthing experience, the Childbirth Center at Griffin Hospital has collaborated with Birth Partners, a partnership of birth and postpartum doulas.

Griffin Hospital encourages this service for patients who chose a different approach to the childbirth experience. This patient-initiated service includes the use of Doulas — trained professional labor assistants who provide support to both the woman and her partner — to offer a woman physical, emotional and informational support during pregnancy as well as continuous support at home during early labor, continuing at the hospital.

“This is a collaborative relationship with Birth Partners in order to enhance the services we offer to our maternity patients,” said Mary Ann Bertini, R.N., unit administrator for the Childbirth Center. “The service is in keeping with our Planetree Model of Patient Care that empowers and educates patients to be active participants in their health and well-being.”

According to Janet Hall, Birth Partners’ founder and director, “A doula works with the woman’s partner and medical staff to meet the individual needs of the client and her family. Her continous presence, encouragement, reassurance and practical knowledge of comfort measures and labor enhancing techniques decreases pain and anxiety for the laboring woman.”

Information on this birthing option is available to patients in Griffin’s Childbirth Center and in Griffin physician offices.

Birth Partners Provides Support to Families—
Pregnancy to Postpartum

       Pregnancy can be a lonely road, especially for first-time mothers. You have so many questions about birthing and baby care, and you really need someone to lean on throughout the entire experience. To whom should you turn: your health care provider, a friend, maybe a relative?
Consider putting your trust in Birth Partners, a comprehensive resource for pregnant and new mothers, which provides the highest quality pregnancy, birth, and postpartum doula care, childbirth education, elegant pregnancy and postpartum photography, “pregnant belly” masks, and breastfeeding education and counseling to women and families in all of Connecticut as well as Westchester County, New York, and Springfield, Massachusetts.
What makes birth doulas of Birth Partners so special? Women and their partners have clearly expressed a desire and need to know in advance who their doula will be, to build trust and rapport with her prenatally, meet with her often, and have her come to their homes during early labor, continuing that care in the birth setting of their choice. Said founding director Janet Hall, “We are told over and over that our assigned doulas, unlimited prenatal home visits and system of prenatal support, and the high quality of our care and services, are what set Birth Partners apart. Though other doulas or companies may offer these services at a reduced rate, many women still hire Birth Partners for our more comprehensive services. We are very proud that we require a stringent internship of about one year. We believe those who complete the internship are the most highly qualified, professional, well educated, and most experienced doulas available anywhere!”
Postpartum doulas nurture and support the new family during this very special time–the birth of a new baby. In the comfort and security of the client’s own home, the doula helps ease the transition the new mother, as well as the rest of the family, may be experiencing through individualized care, encouragement, and practical information.
In addition to doula services, Birth Partners offers a childbirth education program that Hall believes is the best offered anywhere. “Our comprehensive, personalized course embraces our philosophy that with knowledge and support, couples can make the best and safest choices for themselves and their families. Taught only by our highly qualified birth doulas, Birth Partners’ six-week series includes discussion of nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, stages of labor, birth options, and breastfeeding and the newborn. Our doulas bring years of actual birth experiences to each class, offering couples a unique and honest perspective on the process of labor and birth, as well as techniques for coping with pain that really work!”
Enhanced by videos and a lending library, and limited in size, Birth Partners’ classes focus on each individual family’s needs and desires for birth, not on rigid “methods.” Since classes concentrate on the emotional as well as physical and spiritual aspects of labor and birth, they are appropriate for couples birthing in a hospital, birth center, or at home. Private, condensed, and refresher classes are also offered. Held in the comfort of your own home, on a time schedule that works for your family, this series of private classes is geared toward your specific needs.


For more information, call Birth Partners at (203) 375-9963
Article published in The Parent Planner, February, 2005


“We are happy to announce that Birth Partners is now serving clients in New York City – please call or email for more information on our birth and postpartum doula services and private, in home childbirth education options in NYC!”


Janet Hall, President and Founder of Birth Partners has been selected by to receive the 2008 Midwifery Week award for her support of midwifery and midwives in Connecticut.  The award, being presented on October 4, 2008 at the “Connecticut Loves Midwives!” celebration dinner at the Yale School of Nursing, is being sponsored by the Connecticut ACNM and Yale Midwifery.

Congratulations to Janet!