A postpartum doula is a woman who nurtures and supports the new family during this very special time–the birth of a new baby. In the comfort and security of the client’s own home, the doula helps ease the transition the new mother, as well as the rest of the family, may be experiencing through individualized care, encouragement, and practical information.

We assist the new family in the ways that are most important to them, allowing them to rest and care for their baby or providing an “extra set of hands” when necessary.  Most importantly, our postpartum services are geared toward each client’s individual needs and are as flexible as they need to be to provide each family with precisely what they need to make a smooth transition to parenthood.

Research has shown that direct support in the home plays a role in decreasing postpartum depression and increasing the commitment to breastfeeding.

Our family-centered, in-home postpartum care includes:

In-home prenatal visits, including home evaluation (optional)
Guidance and education
Emotional support during the transition to parenthood
Bathing, diapering and cord care
Breastfeeding assistance and support
Light housekeeping and meal preparation
Errands and grocery shopping
Care of multiples (if applicable)
Sibling support and activities
Prenatal bedrest and overnight care available

We also provide “first night (or day) home” postpartum care, helping the new family transition in the first hours at home with their new baby.

Many parents also appreciate our sibling care at home during the postpartum period, including play dates, help with the adjustment to a new sibling, and freeing up the new parents to spend one on one time with the other child/ren!

Does insurance ever cover postpartum doula services?

We will continue to try to work with insurance companies to obtain insurance coverage for our services, however at this time insurance companies will not pay or reimburse for postpartum doula services as they are considered non-medical.

Many consumers have flex-spending accounts, in which a percentage of their wages are placed in a pretax account and can be used for non-covered medical expenses. Doula care may be considered an appropriate expense for reimbursement from a pre-tax account.Some clients ask for contributions as part of their gift registry for shower or baby gifts as well!

Our fees are more reasonable and affordable than you may think, and our postpartum services are flexible!  We don’t charge for mileage to or from your home, and hours are scheduled week to week according to your needs and budget!

Postpartum Breastfeeding Counseling

All doulas serving Birth Partners’ clients are trained to help new mothers breastfeed, however when more specific help is needed, or if difficulties arise, Breastfeeding Counseling is a welcome addition to our services.

• Breastfeeding evaluation in client’s own home
 Individualized breastfeeding support, education, and resources
• Guidance in avoiding or overcoming common breastfeeding challenges
• Referrals when appropriate

Placenta Encapsulation services

Ingesting capsules made from one’s own placenta has been shown to be beneficial in increasing the mom’s milk supply as well as balancing hormones, thus reducing the incidence of postpartum depression.   Call for more information on how encapsulation can work for you.

Please contact us to schedule any of our services:  info@birthpartnersdoulas.com or 203-375-9963